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Making, behind-the-scenes stories, and things that you don’t want to tell too many people are mentioned, so please register if you are interested.

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Only for those who have paid registration, you can ask questions more easily if you add friends on LINE at the end of each article or follow the Facebook.
Of course, you can also ask questions from the inquiry form.
(It may take some time to reply.
Also, not all questions can be answered. We will not accept any bad words or harassment in the name of the question.)

・ You can get individualized PDF materials !!!
PDF articles (listing route information, timetables, etc.) attached to each article, but can be
customized for multiple languages, infants, etc. upon individual request. We will send you the materials.
(Some articles do not have a PDF attached.
Please note that the translation may be inaccurate or unnatural . )

・ You may also hear other requests !!!
(Depending on Yumeso’s mood)


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