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Anyone who receives the information on this blog can’t use the information obtained from this blog to attack other people or the blog administrator, slander, criminal acts, acts against the path of others, or anything else that the administrator does not like.
Also, if you agree with the following contents, you can subscribe to the paid part of this blog.
(If you do not agree to the following contents, you cannot subscribe to the paid part of this blog)

1.Subscribers pay a monthly fee set by the blog administrator for the blog administrator.

2.It is the sole responsibility of the administrator to decide which subscriber to pay and how much.

3.If you do not pay the specified fee, the subscriber may be unsubscribed by the administrator.

4.Anti-social forces, spy, people who commit slander or other criminal acts using the contents of this blog, and other people who the administrator decides that they do not like it may be suspended from blog subscription.

5.Unless there are special circumstances such as the permission of the administrator, the contents of the paid part of this blog are prohibited from being provided to those who do not know the contents of the paid part of the blog.

6.Other than what is stated on this page may also serve as terms.

7.This agreement is subject to change without notice.

8.If you violate the above, or if you have any words or actions that are not suitable for you as a subscriber, the administrator shall be able to take all actions including legal measures.
The court of jurisdiction in the case of legal action is exclusively the Osaka District Court

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